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A Study on Determination of Cause of Deaths in Malaysia

A Study on Determination of Cause of Deaths in Malaysia
NMRR-13-1369-18689 (IIR)
Principle Investigator: Dr Mohd Azahadi Omar

Malaysia is one of few Asian countries with long standing and functional vital registration systems. However, there are certain problems with data quality. A notable number of medically certified deaths and non-medically certified deaths are coded into nonspecific causes, which are ill-defined and has limited potential use for health planning or epidemiological research.

This suggests the need for urgent measures to improve the cause of death, both for medically certified death and non-medically certified death. The objective of the study was to derive cause-specific mortality rate in Malaysia for 2013.


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My Body is Fit and Fabulous at home (MyBFF@home)

The My Body is Fit and Fabulous at home (MyBFF@home) is a community-based weight loss intervention study targeting overweight and obese housewives in urban areas in Malaysia. The MyBFF@home is one of the projects under the MyBFF research framework, and it was initiated by the Malaysian government to combat obesity problem among the Malaysian population. In the past 10 years, the national prevalence of overweight and obesity in Malaysia has been increasing.

Based on the definition of obesity from the World Health Organisation (WHO 1998; Body Mass Index (BMI > 30.0 kg/m2), the National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) Malaysia 2006, 2011 and 2015 have shown that the obesity problem was more prevalent among women compared to men (Women:17.4, 17.6 and 20.6%; Men:10, 12.7 and 15.0%).

Many efforts have been implemented by the Ministry of Health Malaysia which include the development of the dietary guidelines for Malaysia, healthy lifestyle campaigns, training programme and research activities. The aim of this article was to describe the background of the MyBFF@home

MyBFF@home is the first and the largest community-based weight loss intervention study which was conducted among overweight and obese housewives in Malaysia. Findings of the study could be used by the policy makers and the researchers to enhance the obesity intervention programme among female adults in Malaysia.

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MyCoSS 2017-2018

Malaysian Community Salt Study 2017-2018 (MyCoSS)


This is a cross sectional study among Malaysian adults aged 18 years and above. A total of 1400 respondents will be randomly selected from 2017 sampling frame of National Population and Housing Census provided by theDepartment of Statistic. This survey obtained ethnic approval from the Medical Research and Ethic Committee, Ministry of Health Malaysia and was registered with NMRR- 17-423-34969.

Malaysian Community Salt Study (MyCoSS) targets Malaysian adults population aged 18 years and above in Malaysia. Under the umbrella of MyCoSS, there are another two studies which include spot urine equation validation and prevalence of chronic kidney disease (CKD) survey.

Our research team will collect data on socio demography, medical histories, medication usage, dietary assessment, and also knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) towards salt intake; study also includes measurements of blood pressure, body weight, height, waist circumference. Biological sample collections include 24 hour urine, collection, single - void urine and blood samples.

During data collection, our research teams will visit the selected living quarters twice. On the first visit (day 1) the respondents will be explained the details of the study & informed consent form will be given. The respondents will be interviewed on socio-demography (questionnaire), and physical examination (weight, height, waist circumference) & blood pressure will be measured, explanation on urine collection and proceed with handing over of urine collection tools to respondents. After the first visit, the selected respondents will collect the urine for 24 hours and also spot urine.  During the second visit (day3), the research team members will collect the urine sample, draw the required blood and send samples to the selected laboratory. Additional interview on food frequency questionnaire 24 hours diet recall & KAP will be conducted.

Principle Investigator “MYCoSS”: Puan Rashidah Ambak

Principle Investigator “Prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease”: Dr Thamil Arasu Saminathan

Principle Investigator “Spot Urine Equation Validation”: Puan Fatimah Othman.

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EnPHC 2017

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