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Collaborative Research with Other Agencies

1. Cost analysis of centralized food services in Ministry of Health Hospitals

2. Performance evaluation of outsourced food services in Ministry of Health Hospitals .

3. An Evaluation of the referral of diabetic patients to Dental Clinics in the Ministry of Health Malaysia

4. Contravention In Microbiology Analysis Of Food Sampling Activities In Muar District (2009 - 2013)

5. Identification of Optimal Physical Health, Behaviours and Dietary Pattern associated with Neuroprotection for Development of Health Information System

6. My Body Fit and Fabulous at School.

7. Current health message trigger in controlling body weight.

8. Prevalence and Factors Affecting Nephropathy Among Hypertensive Patients in Muar.

9. Pregnancy outcome in related to maternal age in Muar district.

10. Malaysian Methadone Treatment Outcome Study (MyTOS).

11. A Cross-Sectional Study of Knowledge, Attitude and Practise On Aedes Inspection Activities Among Public Health Assistants in Johor State Muar district.

12. Monitoring Adherence to Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) Screening of Diabetic Retinopathy.

13. National E-Cigarette Survey (NECS) 2016.