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What is NHMS 2024?

The National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) is a national cross-sectional study to monitor the health of the nation and has been conducted every year since 2011. The focus area for each year is decided by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. This year, NHMS 2024 is themed as the nation’s nutrition survey with its primary aims being to determine food insecurity, meal pattern, habitual food intake, nutrient intake, food labeling, nutritional status, physical activity pattern, anemia status, folate status, and iodine status among the Malaysian population. The findings will provide important information for the Ministry of Health Malaysia and other Ministries such as the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Domestic Trade & Cost of Living, Ministry of Communication, and Ministry of Agriculture & Food Security, for reviewing national nutrition priorities and initiatives and planning more effective health services.

The activities conducted during the survey
Face-to-face interview
Face-to-face interview

*if applicable

24-hour urine sampling*
24-hour urine sampling*
Blood investigation*
Blood investigation*
Household salt Sampling*
Household salt Sampling*
Anthropometric assessment*
Anthropometric assessment*
Blood pressure screening
Blood pressure screening

Data Collection will be conducted from

July - September 2024

Living Quarters

NHMS 2024 Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Who involved in this survey?

  • Residents age 5 years and above.

How was the household selected?

  • The household were randomly selected using sampling frame obtained from Department of Statistic, Malaysia (DOSM), where approximately 5280 households were selected nationwide.

How we collect our data?

  1. Face-to-face interview
  2. 24-hour urine sampling*
  3. Blood investigation*
  4. Household salt sampling*
  5. Blood pressure screening*
  6. Anthropometric assessments

*if applicable

What is the output from this study?

  1. Obtain population-based and comprehensive nutrition data in Malaysia that will strengthen existing nutrition advocacies and formulation for more effective nutrition intervention programs.
  2. Track and report Malaysia's progress in achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by the World Health Organization (WHO), National Plan Action for Nutrition in Malaysia III 2016-2025, and the global estimation data required by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
  3. Produce survey reports, fact sheets, research highlights, infographics, publications, and presentations.
  4. Made available to any interested party upon request, for publication, once the lock period of one year has elapsed.

What are the benefits of being in this survey?

  • While there may be no direct health benefits to participating in this survey, the data collected will be important in guiding policy making relating to strengthening Malaysia's programs and intervention for nutrition and the prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCD).

How long does each interview and assessment session last?

  • Approximately 1 hour.

What are the risks and side effects of participating in this study?

  • Participating in this study poses no risk to you. All your information obtained in this survey will be kept and handled confidentially, in accordance with applicable laws and/or regulations. When publishing or presenting the survey results, your identity will not be revealed without your consent.

Who will be visiting the living quarters?

  • The selected household will be visited by the Data Collection Team consisting of two research assistants, a nurse, and a driver. The data collectors can be identified by:
  1. Official name tags and light brown vests with the KKM and IKU logos.
  2. Notification letters regarding the survey implementation
  3. Official vehicles with NHMS 2024 vehicle stickers

Can the study participation be terminated?

  • This study is entirely voluntary, and you may choose to withdraw your participation at any point in time. You can rest assured that your decision will be respected, and no explanation will be required.

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Dr. Ahmad Ali bin Hj. Zainuddin (Principal Investigator)

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