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NHMS 2012

In 2012, the Institute for Public Health has implemented the National Health and Morbidity Survey 2012 (NHMS 2012) which targeted adolescents in government schools in Malaysia.  This survey aimed to provide data and information related to adolescents' health so as to support the Ministry of Health Malaysia in reviewing its health priorities, programme strategies, activities and planning its allocattion of resources.  This survey focused on three major scopes; namely adolescent health risk behaviours, nutrition and mental health.  The first scope was implemented as Global School based Student Health Survey (GSHS) in collaboration with World Health Organisation and Centre for Communicable Diseases (CDC).

Data collection was done from March to April 2012, which involved 25,507 students Form 1 to 5, from 234 government secondary schools, and 8411 students Standard 4 to 6, from 95 primary schools.  Self administered questionnaires were used to collect data followed by anthropometric assessment by trained data collectors.  Findings from this survey are benefial for all related stakeholders, particularly for Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education. 

A report can be downloaded here.